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Is it really inevitable to know how to knot a tie? Isn`t a tie much to dangerous? Somebody could come and drag you everywhere, or in the worst case hang you... - wearing a tie is like wearing a dog leash and maybe there is nothing more aesthetically disputable in mens fashion than this. That`s why we invented a tie where the shirt is combined with the tie. The time is money philosphy is not ours but - maybe we can help you to save millions of $$$ over the years by using this shirt because you just don`t knot your tie-time off ! Or this shirt helps you to be 2min. earlier at place in one situation where your boss is so  happy that... - we just live in a crazy world and you need to be accurately dressed right in time. So that`s what fashion design is about for us, paying a tribute to the daily life. 

Yessss, we love that garment! What a damn cool shirt !!!

On request only!

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