Hi !
We are Ebba & Geppetto

It started in summer 2003 in Morocco because of a tuareg business man
who wanted to sell us accessories on the beach everyday..
..but after 2 month our eyes stucked focusing on his fine looking pair of traditional trousers. A pair of blue saourel with embroideries which had an effect of noble and casual.
We asked him unsuccessfully buying this trousers, because we actually could not find any in similar quality at the souq...

Well, Ebba was a fashion student at this time so she started to design one sarouel for our custom desires..
- which all ended in 3 years of prototyping for our first 100pc series of a new elaborated vision of trousers.
But today we can say, we did not expect that this process will take our whole lifetime!
The "Evolution for the Ultimate Drop Crotch Trousers".
We changed our lives subsequently and in many aspects we learned much by exploring the limits.
 Everything what happend on the pioneered way to the product surprised our imagination,
the emotional yo-yo trips, the funny fortune, the lovely people and all the lessons...
this is what has challenged our ambition to design, never give up, mature & realise textile ideas.

A fantastic way to go and discover the general relativity on the own risk is a break out and
 - that`s geppebba for us - what we both are doing to give our existence a meaning.
A good product must be able to speak for itself without marketing actions or an explaination
(and of course not missing sustainable aspects,
but this is so  fundamental and obviously clear for us that also this is no marketing bubble worth it..).

We love creative ideas & perfect products and hope to catch open minds for indiviual and progressive clothing.

Thank you for reading ! :) 





- we create only products and no collection overmodulation
- we have high providence for made in Europe & adore the handcraft

- sustainabilty is our 100% basic character trait but we don´t want to make a marketing concept out of it...  wear cloth to the very end of the material lifetime and repair it again and ever again - that is the greenest what you can do - and maybe you already have enough clothes ?
- thus we do no fake vintage style or used looks - enjoy the process of things getting older! - we think it`s absolute stupid to reduce the lifetime of a garment with mostly harmful methods/effects or using any kind of harmful sourced energy..

- we have excellent manufacturing standards & contacts in Europe for embroidery, sewing, laundry & dyeing etc.... Please have a look at our int. suppliers for fabric, yarn & other parts:, , ,, ,,,,,

- for questions & services, we care for you personally


- we can deliver on request. Tell us your wishes and we can make it for you on our machines for e.g. we like to work with our old pedal sewing machine

  • we can organise small series productions for larger quantities together with our brilliant contacts



- the inspiration & idea
- creating "the tunnel vision"

2004 – 2005:
- prototyping phase
- thinking hinking &
- talking talking talking

- finish of our studies & school
- first production of geppebba mod.1 (100)
- start of Lindström & Clemens Gbr

Spring :
- first website & geppebba-baggy unlimited song & video
- small series of T- and Sweatshirts
- presentation video of the idea „drop crotch vs. sarouel“
- „Finalist“ at the Brand New Award ISPO Sport&Style Munich/Germany
Autum: one aspect of learning by doing in the fashion business, watch out! :
  geppetto´s broken leg ouch video
- production of the first geppebba mod.8 (174) „a big step for the evolution,
but hopped with only one leg...“
- new website

- exhibition at WEARE Düsseldorf/Germany
- online shop
- exhibition at UNFAIR in Copenhagen/Denmark

- sample production (geppebba mod.8 short & long version in 6 different colours & denim)
- exhibition at Premium Berlin/Germany
- exhibition at UNFAIR in Copenhagen/Denmark
- exhibition at UNCONDITIONAL in Paris/France

- production geppebba mod8 (300) - sample production geppebba plank (50) /
geppebba X (4)
- 1st Place at German Fashion Film Award / Berlin
- production of geppebba Jogi (100) geppebba seafarer (100)
- „drop crotch trousers collection“ video inspired by fashion week Berlin

- production geppebba mod8 (494)
- new website & new online shop
- on the catwalk for the childhood foundation
- „don`t fart on fashion shows“ - because the catwalk is everywhere -
slogan initiative during fashion week Berlin & fashion week Copenhagen
- idea and production of "oipnglügg" (95) our alpine denim shorts
- 1st 2weeks pop-up store in Munich
- testing the "whys" snowboardpants         


- we are a swedish company now!
- production of 3 new  "oipnglügg" 
Almwiese (33) , Goldader (36), Alberto Blanko (32)
- production of  "oipnglügg"
Almwiese (91) , Goldader (50) and Waldmann (50) cooperation with Eliot

- waldmann video


- new sample collection
- new P.Charles Sweaters (100) & 1-A T-shirts (50)
- collaboration with Heimatstoff
- exhibiting at X-Games Munich
-radl & fashion show in Munich

- 10 years anniversay party during Oktoberfest in Munich
- collaboration start with Ray Moore

- new oipnglügg Hoodies (100)
- new "add a clichè" pants edition
& "get a Dollar Fuck a dream" Print on P.Charles Sweaters (30)- Ray Moore
- new website "oipnglü"
- new oipnglügg Modell Heimatstoff (40)
- making of Heimatsoff Clip
- "hand-made" edition of oipnglügg Waldmann (100)
- back to good old sewing on our paddle machine ANKER RZ from 1952
Autum/Winter: Prototyping

- new black Hoodies special printed for Rollladen Zürich (50)
- very BIG geppebba Po IsPo Party "hartsteil" in Munich at Import-Export
- handmade Get a Dollar Fuck a Dream 1 A -T-shirts (7)
- new mod.9 (42)
- new Plank (58)

- add a chliche website- add a chliche website online

- awesome video by makanart & artista (big love brothers!)


- very nice surprise! A just by brotherhood made photoshooting by Makanart & Artista gives us the opportunity to fresh up the website with pictures and video. This material is so awesome for us because the location is where it all started (!)
- new project: Snowboardpants, test samples  (11)
- production:purple hoodies (33) & jogi (26), mod.9 & plank         

WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU ARTISTA ! You gave us so much, you showed us what`s all possible with love & enthusiasm. R.I.P. brother, this is the most shocking experience


- prototyping new garments...