Drop Crotch

Posted by admin on February 19, 2015

Why we do drop crotch trousers?
In autum 2003 we were mentally in the future and tried to explain a possible effect of the "Baggy" phenomenon. We needed an expression for it, because it became a real adventure and strong force that pushed us to realise our vision.. But what is actually innovation in the fashion world? Strauss & Davis took out a patent for gold diggers who needed solid trousers called „Gênes“ manufactured with „Serge de Nîmes“ (studded blue jeans). Than they were used as a symbol for the liberation from conventions... Some people say, today every style is parallel or garments were already existing, in a world of randomness of collections following the principle of comebacks. But you can find good concepts, brilliant fashion, tremendous talents, creative minds and master craftsmen. So as bloody beginners, we wanted an approximation of a perfect and timless design. Functional properties should be filtered through an evolutionary process, implemented by "form follows function". Starting point is that, the quality of the fabric defines the voguish and functional scopes, whether you put a pocket on the side or design whatever, a tight or a loose cut. This means that the terminology or the silhouette of trousers in the western aesthetic, is firmly defined and therefore always the same - two long legs - but the essential know-how of a second oriental type, the saourel, harem pants or fisher trousers, etc..., is the extremely pleasant comfort. Basically two types of trousers, where one is more traditionally shaped and the other is highly differentiated by e.g. "finishings" or „destroyed looks“. But what does it mean to walk "baggy" down the streets, even in bavarian „Lederhosen“ to the Oktoberfest or in skinny jeans? Yes, those habits can be observed. What should be streetwear more, than the sympathy for the last decades? Now, aesthetic barriers are dismantled international and there are rude discussions about the taste of diverse drop crotch and harem pants and although MC Hammer is recommended as pionier...


The "Search for the Ultimate Trousers" changed our lives subsequently. In many aspects we touched our limits, as we were testing over years, creating our picture and finally suprised our own imagination we had before.