► 1A T. Shirt Woipadinger (black)


Edition quantity: 15

Sizes: M / L / XL



Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 155g/m2

Colour: Black

Article: JB 340

Weaver: Sintex

Certificate: Öko-Tex Standard 100


Made in Czech Republic



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► 1A T. Shirt Woipadinger (black)



This is our t-shirt with the funny animal.Kopie_von_ELIOT_wolperdinger_HASE_geppebba_Schattierung_web.JPG

Eliot´s original WOLPERDINGER - Rabbit on geppebba`s 1A T-Shirt is urban art made wearable. You normally find this print only in a frame... that´s why we feel very honored & happy to give this globally threatened by extinction species a chance to go wild. Having realised this cooperation on a 50 x 30 cm area is really a milestone for us ! (Here you can have a look at all the other great artworks by Eliot: http://www.eliot-the-super.de/shop/)


The manual work (handprinted in Munich by Matt, our friend from unitedskateboardartists) has slight variations between the shirts which might occur, but please acept this as a part of the work process, expression and the uniqueness of each t-shirt. By useing the finest possible mesh in screen print technic the result is mind-blowing! To give you more information about the t-shirt - it is crafted in premium cotton quality and it`s engineered with a two-piece-pattern-design which provide a convenient air condition effect under the axle. A versatile to use and relaxed unisex-fit t-shirt with art, you also could just hang up in your room and say: "Yeah, I`ve got it !"


Please machine wash cool.