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It`s the idea of the worlds 1st and still only conceptual drop drotch trousers. 3 years of prototyping and further 2 series productions to annihilate the last weak point  - all in all 7 years to show this result. The development of mod.8 is the introduction of our story. In the segment of drop crotch trousers you can buy a lot of different designs...here is the one which works.

geppebba® mod.8 _ features :

  • low crotch_maximizes comfort
  • pleats_for a free movement
  • pockets_BIG pockets²          
  • crypto pocket_for money, passport, mobile phone etc.
  • waistband_ proven laced fastening + internal adjustment for the best fit                  
  • hem_quick elastic string tuning + overlength stowed in loop                                  

        ♥ geppebba forever !

 made in Italy

finest 10 oz denim, 100% cotton by Berto

perfect fit without belt ! - please check your waist-size

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► mod.8 denim