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Plank in super massive and warm fabric, perfectly for the cold season.

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Type: heavy moleskin

Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 520g/m2 

Colour: black 

Weaver: Kindermann

over 175 years of textile history made in Germany, high quality fabrics, Oekotex 100 certified.


Made in EU

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► Plank XXX


Plank reflects the seamline of geppebba mod. series without pleats. 

An engineered cut with an ergonomic & functional design. We love strong fabrics & denim, so the idea to make the geppebba "plank" model was clear during the work with mod.8... but it "only" took us another 5 years to bring Plank into production. Today you can wear a masterpiece with these pair of trousers. Enjoy our high standart of quality and manufacturing experiences!